How Our Experience Helps You

In order to be truly helpful to students, three qualifications for online instructors are vital:

  • Professional Experience in the Relevant Fields
  • Formal Education Related to Course Topics
  • Experience Teaching Topics 

Professional Experience
When online instructors have real-world, practical, professional experience in the field, this enriches the students’ experience. The professional experience related to the class topic allows the instructor to create courses with real-world applicability. In other words, the instructor knows what he or she is talking about.

I’ve worked at various digital media and design businesses:

  • Internet Development Director at an award-winning advertising design firm
  • Webmaster and Advertising Layout Specialist at a regional newspaper
  • Technology Librarian and Webmaster at a city library system
  • Managing Editor at two graphic design magazines
  • Contributing Editor at CreativePro
  • Freelance Web Designer/Developer and Graphic Designer

This experience has enabled me to create courses that have landed students jobs in the field. Other students have gained new and valuable skills in design media, design, photography, and industry-standard software.

Formal Education
Online instructors don’t necessarily have to have degrees in their field in order to teach online, but it certainly helps. I’ve taken undergraduate and graduate level classes in visual storytelling, photography, digital media, and related topics. These degrees have helped me provide an enriching, high-quality experience for students.

Besides various certifications and other training, I have three formal degrees:

  • BA in Communication, Southeastern University
  • MA in Journalism and Media Studies, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg
  • PhD in Communication, Regent University

Teaching Experience

Knowing the subject of an online class is great, but being able to teach it effectively is a completely different skill set. Being able to produce engaging, high-quality video lessons and practical projects and knowing how to effectively structure a course is just as important.

Besides online marketplace learning websites, I have also developed online classes for various colleges and universities:

  • Rosemont College, Bryn Mawr, PA
  • Lee University, Chattanooga, TN
  • Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL
  • Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA
  • New York Times Knowledge Network

I’ve also taught digital media and graphic design classes in-person at Southeastern University for over a decade. This experience has enabled me to see where students often struggle with concepts or how to best structure a video lesson and practical project.

And if I co-instruct with another instructor, I make sure they have the relevant professional experience and education as well.

This helps makes sure students are taught accurate and helpful content.

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